Why choose flexible loans?



Due to the economic crisis and the difficulty in finding stable employment, accessing the credit market has become a problem for most Italians. Official statistics confirm that ” the share of consumers requesting a loan is increasing and, under 40s are among the main instants of funding”. Why choose a flexible loan? We discover in this guide all the advantages deriving from the subscription of the loans offered.

Flexible loan: what are the characteristics of the product?

Flexible loan: what are the characteristics of the product?

One of the credit products most requested by customers is the flexible loan : it is a “dynamic” loan designed to adapt to all consumer needs. This credit product falls into the category of personal loans and the beneficiary can spend the amount obtained without having to submit any proof of expenditure.

How to apply for a flexible loan? The loan application can be submitted online, via the official website of the bank or finance company. The necessary documentation must be attached to allow the consultant to assess the creditworthiness of the applicant. In order to protect the flexible loan, consumers can take out an insurance policy (optional) which has the purpose of protecting the repayment capacity of the debtor.

Flexible Loans: What Are The Benefits?

Flexible Loans: What Are The Benefits?

Thanks to an exclusive agreement signed with Cream Bank , the flexible loans granted allow credit consumers to request all the sums of money necessary to make their purchases and to support small and large expenses. Consultants offer customers a wide commercial offer of flexible loans which allow them to benefit from competitive interest rates.

Subscribers can:

  • return the sum obtained in peace,
  • change the repayment plan according to your needs,
  • manage the monthly installment freely,
  • skip an installment and postpone the repayment.

Contact a Lite Lender and find the best flexible loan dedicated to you.

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