The Negative Sides of Comparison and Comparators when looking for a Loan

One of the advantages of the historical moment in which we find ourselves is certainly the great ease that we have in finding information. The web is an inexhaustible mine of data, news, opinions and opinions. But are we sure that this applies unconditionally to any type of information? The answer is far too obvious. We at Reliance live daily the difficulty of people in approaching a (apparently) complicated matter such as that of access to credit. It is normal for those who find themselves in need of funding to inquire through search engines. And it is quite probable that among the first pages of the results there is a comparison site of the offers.

Comparison and Comparators: Awareness is the right choice

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The so-called comparators are a very useful tool for those who want to get an idea of ​​which service or good to buy. However, financial products require a fundamental step that no comparator can ever guarantee: consultancy. Although a complete, analytical and simple to use software tool can be created, the comparison of loans cannot go beyond a schematic representation of data relating to the duration of the product, the interest rate, the amount of the monthly installment.

Access to credit is something far more complex.

Access to credit is something far more complex.

Choosing one solution over another involves analyzing the economic situation, assessing the needs and objectives of the person concerned, devising a “tailor-made” credit strategy. And, for us at Reliance, there is a further phase which is the jargon defined phase of the follow-up, that is of the constant monitoring of the progress of the loan. All this constitutes advice.

To win the comparison.

It will therefore be easy to understand how “dangerous” it can be to rely on merely numerical criteria, the simple lower installment, the guaranteed savings. On the other hand, the operators present in the comparators have one goal:  Instead, that of the user is quite different: the choice of a financial product represents a delicate decision that has a direct impact on the individual and the family. For this reason, comparison should not be the criterion of choice. Counseling must be the prerequisite for any financing, so that the latter is only a means by which the person achieves his life goals and carries out his projects.

In summary with a loan you can make your dreams come true, as long as you choose consciously. By filling out the form, you will be contacted for free by our experts and you will be guided towards the most suitable choice for you.