The Credit Strategy Method and Aware Credit

The Reliance Credit Strategy is an individual, rapid and transparent consultancy system that aims to analyze the economic situation of the individual subject through a preventive advice from the Credit Teach.

Having a dedicated consultant, who can help you choose the solution that best suits your needs, is not a secondary aspect to consider when you are considering applying for a loan.

This system has allowed us to create a unique bond of trust with consumers who first get free advice on their economic situation, choose thanks to us knowingly which financing to get for their projects and have legal assistance and credit advice for all the duration of the loan.

In fact, our customers will not only have a simple financing but a real programming and financial assistance that can be divided into these 4 phases:

NEEDS AND OBJECTIVES: You tell us about your projects, your credit Teach will create the best plan to achieve them. The first contact will take place within 24 hours after your request.

ECONOMIC SITUATION CHECK UP: Thanks to individual advice we will carry out an initial check-up of your economic situation, based on this we will be able to give you clear and transparent indications on which is the best financial product for you. Only in this way will we be able to create a personalized and tailored credit plan for you.

FINANCING PLAN: Your personalized plan is now ready to be created. After having the information we will build the most suitable credit strategy by selecting the best products and we will evaluate it together with you.

CONSTANT MONITORING: After signing the loan, our presence at your side will be even stronger. You won’t be alone for a moment. After granting the funding, continuous monitoring and constant presence is essential to become a point of reference and retain our customers.

All our customers will have free of charge for the duration of the loan:

credit loan

CONSULTING: A team of credit experts who will support you for any problem.

ASSISTANCE: Legal assistance for the duration of the loan.

LOYALTY AWARDS: Access to a reserved group where you can get discounts, gifts and EXCLUSIVE information on how to save money every day.

Realize your projects today. Secure the economic peace of mind of the future.

Your insurance is called Credit Strategy and is free for our customers.

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