Consumer credit and the means of accessing it

Thanks to the various forms of consumer credit, it is possible to obtain various economic benefits, such as paying for a purchase in installments or with a loan. It is a type of credit that can be granted in the form of deferred payment, financing or other similar financial facilitation. The only requirement to be able to access it is that the applicant is a consumer, that is, a natural person who acts for purposes unrelated to any entrepreneurial, commercial, artisanal or professional activity that may be exercised.


Credit Finalized

Credit Finalized

When the request for credit is made by the consumer with the declared purpose of proceeding with the purchase of a specific consumer good or service, we speak of credits or finalized loans. It can be, for example, a car or a holiday. In this case, the amount of the loan is paid by the lender to the seller and can only be used for the specific good or service for which it was granted. The buyer, for its part, is required to return the price of the goods or services to the lender, together with the additional interests and any costs. Therefore, for loans aimed at, on the one hand, the contracted seller offers the consumer installment financing, receiving in exchange from the lender a commission or commission for the customer procurement activity; on the other hand, the consumer, instead of paying the price of the goods or services in a single payment to the seller, finds himself able to repay the lender in installments.


Unfinished Credit

Unfinished Credit

Then there are hypotheses of non-finalized credits or loans, which are granted without any restriction of destination with respect to certain goods or services. That is, you are free to dispose of the sum obtained on loan without having to specify the reason. The sum granted, in these cases, is made available to the applicant by check or credit to his / her current account; the same holder can use it freely without having to provide guarantees to protect the loan.


The tools to access it

consumer credit

Specifically, revolving credit openings, deferred or installment payments, personal loans, transactions for the sale of one fifth of the salary and debt consolidation constitute financial instruments for accessing consumer credit. These instruments are distinguished from each other because they have different amounts, interest rates and repayment methods. To evaluate together with an expert the possibilities of access to consumer credit and the most suitable financial instruments for your specific needs, you can contact us at Reliance: we will be able to advise you on the best solution to access credit.

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